Instructions & Spec Sheets for the HUG Hydronics In-floor Heating

This page has various files, references, links, and downloadable files to go along with the HUG Hydronics in-floor heating system

The Idea behind the revolutionary new HUG Hydronics In-floor Heating System

HUG Hydronics™ as an alternative solution for in-floor heat systems

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  - Answers to lots of common things we've been asked about this novel in-floor heating system. 




How Many BTUs do you need?

Floor Heat Tubing (Layout Guide pdf 63kb) - If you don't want to use our special Holey Hose Holder to handle all the loop ends in an organized way, you can download this free pdf file with suggestions on how to bring your loop ends for your in-floor heating system up in a tidy, convenient arrangement that will fit behind the tank and stay organized.

Installing Pex Tubing for Concrete Slab Underfloor Heating A great reference on how to install the heat tubes in concrete including insulation considerations for a hydronics in-floor heating system.

The Dos and Don'ts of Hydronic System Glycol An article on the best practices for using antifreeze in a Hydronic in floor heating system.

Advantages of radiant heat by Richard D. Watson This article is reprinted from Fine Homebuilding June-July 1992


Hugh the Ducky's Guides to HUG Hydronics in-floor heating systems 

Hugh the tech ducky

Hugh the Ducky take the "What the quack!?" out of the hydronic in-floor heating techno-babble and replaces it with simply easy to understand pictures and directions.



Find more information on in-floor hydronics heating by Hugh the Ducky on his Blog.

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