Design Wizard

In-floor heating is easy with HUG Hydronics Design Wizard to help you discover what you need to get started. Simply tell us a bit about how you would like to set up your home (your preferred heated floor size, preferred heating method, etc.) and then this tool will give you an itemized list of what we think you'll need. 
Note: This configuration tool is optimized for when heating all one floor level.  Our expert sales staff can help you with other configurations.
If you have any questions about the app or would like to talk with us, please call us at 218-587-5001 or email us at
This configurator is meant as a helpful guideline, only. It is recommended that you consult with one of our sales people about your application before you buy, especially if it involves more than one heater, multiple different types of floors, or anything besides new residential construction. Contact Us