Concrete Affiliates

Construction People Affiliate Program

As construction professionals you know who is pouring new slabs and who is planning in floor heating.  You are well positioned to suggest good solutions early in the planning process. 

HUG Hydronics is the world's easiest in-floor heating system to install, and to understand. Your customers will thank you for introducing us, and you can make some easy money.

  1. Sign up for our affiliate program
  2. Take a short online or in person training on what HUG Hydronics is.
  3. Each construction affiliate get his/her own stack of brochures with a unique affiliate/coupon code.
  4. Hand a potential customer a brochure with your code on the back. Tell them to call us.
  5. 5% of total sales with your coupon code goes to you. (Average sale is $5000- so you would earn $250 on an average sale).
  6. Coupon code is worth $200 for those you talk to.
  7. Your check mails every month for paid sales that month.

  introduce HUG Hydronics, get paid

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