HUG Hydronics In-Floor Heating System Testimonials

Here are some of our satisfied customers and what they have to say about the new revolution in Hydronic in-floor heating. 

David Winkelman of says the HUG Hydronics is the simplest and easiest way to do in-floor heating

"Our team has been using and promoting hydronics in our office and showcase buildings since 1996. Typically, the systems require lots of components and plumbing: many pipes, tubes, pumps, pressure tanks, regulator valves, complicated junctions, manifolds and so on. The HUG system is so simple and compact, it only takes up a small space in the utility room now. Plus HUG is less expensive, looks nice and works well.

The installation was quick, easy and did not require special tools. I was skeptical about the process before we began, but after the brief class, it was simple to do. I now also understand the most complicated part of the HUG system, the jumper pins. We would most definitely choose HUG again for our buildings and would recommend HUG to anyone who wants a simple and efficient heating system.

In fact, Winkelman says he would recommend HUG Hydronics to their customers for all their in-floor heating needs.

"Yes, we will recommend HUG to our customers and friends who want hydronic heating. Thank you for an excellent product for energy conservation!"