Why Radiant In-Floor Heat?

Radiant In-Floor Heat provides many advantages over forced air heat.

1. Even Heating

In floor radiant heating offers a smooth heat, where as forced air heating has many high and low temperatures in the same room

In -floor radiant heat provides an even heat with a minor heat gradient going up into the room. With the warmest air being where it is most comfortable, your toes. 

Forced air heating room's temperatures vary widely, with the warmest air coming from the vent and then hanging around the ceiling. The means that forced air heating often pushed out air at 100 degrees (F). 

2. Efficiency

In-floor heating saves up to 1/3 of your energy costs

Efficiency comes from the even heating. You do not need to create 100 F air, instead all your floors can be an even 72/74 degrees.  Nothing has to be overheated or dry out as a result of hot air being forced into the house.

Water can also carry and transfer 3,200 times more heat than air can, making hydronic in-floor heating up to 30% more efficient. ( according to the US Department of Energy https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/radiant-heating.)

3. Hypoallergenic

with in -floor heating, allergens do not blow around

Radiant in-floor heat is hypoallergenic because it is not blowing dust, fur or anything else in the air around. 

4. It's Quiet

in-floor heating silently works

When the thermostat calls for heat, the HUG Hydronics system turns on its pumps. There is no noise in the floor, as the warm water flows silently under feet, and in the room (or closet) where the HUG Hydronics system is, it is still nothing more than a quiet whirling of the pumps at work. 

5. It's Easy

HUG Hydronics in-floor heating is easy. Takes 1 hour, 4 simple tools, and a little space

Once the PEX pipes are in the floor, and your heat source installed, the HUG Hydronics in-floor heating system takes only an hour to install and uses only a few simple tools. It's designed to be understandable and repairable. Almost every part is replaceable in a few minutes, no tools needed. 

We also have the directions on the website (See the How To Library) for all our common repairs and problems, and always have live tech support to answer any questions, or walk you through a step that is unclear. 

6. It's Safe

it's safe. In floor heating does not require gas, flames, nor leaves any exhaust

No one's house ever exploded because their in-floor heating system stopped working, nor has anyone died by carbon monoxide because of in-floor heating. These problems both occur (and make the news every year) when they happen with traditional forced air heat.

We do, of course, recommend that you keep your heat source is good working and maintained condition, as any gas heaters can produce carbon monoxide. 

The HUG Hydronics in-floor heating system, does each of these better- because you can understand it and control it.