How To - Connect Thermostat

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How to Connect Your Thermostat(s) to your HUG Hydronics Control Board?


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1. Route Thermostat wires.

The thermostat wires are often run through the walls and will emerge from a little hole somewhere in the utility room. 

hole in wall with thermostat wires coming through

Just below the middle of the control board is a hole to pull the thermostat wires through.

Hole in the control board of the HUG Hydronics in-floor heating unit for thermostat wires to come through

Give yourself enough slack in these wires to not only reach the front of HUG Hydronics tank, but also to move the tank by 12-18” 

2. Gently pull out the 12 pin wire connector from the bottom center of the control board.

wiring thermostat

3. Strip Thermostat Wires

Take a tool and cut about 2 inches of the outer sheath of the thermostat wire. Inside you will see a white and red coated wires (and a third wire for the smart thermostats). 

You are going to strip the plastic insulation off each of the thermostat wires.

strip off the plastic coating until the copper wire is revealed. Fold unused wires back

Insert wire into connector. Mark with your fingers how deep it goes in. Strip the wire to this point.

Use the wire stripper tool provided. 

4. For each thermostat: Connect the wires by:

thermostat wiring guide

Sticking the white wire in the connector for thermostat zone # it should be connected to. These zone numbers are printed on the control board above the connector.

Tighten the little screw, turn to the right (clockwise) as tight as it will easily go. This should hold the wire securely and make the electrical connection possible.

The red wire will go in one of the power slots (openings in the middle of the connectors) match this to one of the “power” slots on the control board. Tighten as with the white wire. Do not plug the connector back into the control board yet.

Additional Steps for smart Thermostats

Your smart thermostat will probably require its own power supply to be added to our system.  A plain/regular thermostat  works fine without a power supply and without removing the jumper

  1. Jumper #JP43 (the one above the “power” section on the control board) needs to be removed to power the smart thermostat.  Go ahead and do this now.

Jumper #JP43 is circled in red. Remove it when powering a smart thermostat.

  1. Wiring a Smart Thermostat: 

    The power supply has 2 wires. They will have to be stripped and inserted into the connector. One in to a “power” connector, the other into a “common” connector. 

    The third smart thermostat wire is also connected to a “common” connector.

Smart thermostat wiring diagram

Do not plug the connector back into the control board  yet.