How To - Add a Pump

Hugh the Tech Ducky

How to Add a Pump to the HUG Hydronics In-floor Heating System?

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  1. Turn off the HUG Hydronics in-floor heating system by the power switch on the power supply.

    1. Check to make sure the “Power” light on the control board is off.
  2. Remove the tank cover.

  3. In your tank choose a pump location- usually the first one open from the left. 

    1. Use your planned location to choose the holes to run the blue hoses through.

 Decide where to put the new pump. The most common place will be the first open space on the left

4. Connect the blue hoses with the 2 blue ends to the new loop's pex pipe.

connect the new blue hoses to the new pex pipe loops

5. Connect the blue end of the blue hoses with the white pipe to the return side of the new pex pipe loop.

a diagram of hoses and pipes hook up

6. Run the unconnected end of the blue ended hose into the top of the tank through the chosen hole number.

The view from teh top of the right back of the tank. Run the hose from the new loop pump through the chosen hole. The hole plugs pop out easily.

7. Connect the blue hose in the tank to the pump. Slide it all the way on to the pump's hose attachment.

Notice the hose goes on the pump's output and not its nosepush the blue hose on to the pump's output connector until it is firmly attached

8. Stick the white pipe end of the return hose into the hole for that pump's return hose.

Push it into the tank until it will go no further.

Stick the white pipe end of the return hose into the chosen hole at the back of the HUG Hydronics in floor heating tank

The pipe end of the hose should be standing up behind the half wall at the back of the HUG Hydronics in-floor heating tank

9. Stick the nose end of the new pump into the groove and set it down in alignment with the other pumps.

If it doesn't want to sit down smoothly, pull the blue hose it is connected to until it does.
put the pump's nose into the groove and gently wiggle it until it sits squarely in its space. IF needed pull on the blue hose to give enough length for the pump to sit comfortably in its space

10. Slide the box on the pump cord into its groove below the control board.

Just below the control board are the grooves for the box on the pump cord. Slide the box in from the top until the bottom is securely in place and then use the thumb screw to screw it in its place on it's top right side.
Slide the box down into its groove.
use the thumb screw to keep the pump cord box in place

11. Plug the pump into the white pump plug on it's section of the control board.

The holes between the pump cord boxes and the control board can be used to pull any excess wire through.

Plug the pump into the white plug on the control board of the HUG Hydronics in-floor heating system
Pull the excess wire from the pump cord through these holes

12. Purge the Pump

Turn on the Hug Hydronic Tank by using the switch on the power supply. 

On the control board, put a jumper on the “purge” pin for the new pump. The air will move out as the water fills the loop. 

It is done when the gurgling sound ends. 

Remove the jumper from the “purge” pin.

the purge pines for pump #9 are circles in purple. Put a jumper on the purge pins to purge the pump.

13. Chose the thermostat zone and speed settings for your new pump.

Use the jumpers on the control board to choose the thermostat zone and speed setting desired. 

Standard Speed Settings:

  • single loop = low
  • double loops = medium

 a close up of the control board. You can see the 2 lower rows, circled in pink that the jumpers are used on. The upper row selects the thermostat the pump is connected to. The lower row selects the speed for the pump

A Low Priority Zone

You may choose thermostat zone 4 to be a low priority so it will only heat after others are warm.

Connect that thermostat wire to be zone 4 and put a jumper on the “Low Priority” pins. If Zone 4 is in low priority mode and is calling for heat while any other zone is calling, then the “Zone 4” LED will glow dim yellow to indicate that it wants to heat now, but it is overridden.

Zone 4 is a low priority zone when a jumper is on the "low priority" setting

14. Finishing Details

Add water to the tank as needed to reach the “full” level, about 3 gallons per loop.

Close the tank and lock the lid into place.

the water level guide is in the tank below the control board. Use this to judge the amount of water to add.