How To - Control Board

Hugh the Tech Duck

How do you Replace the Control Board?


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Written Steps for replacing the control board on a HUG Hydronics In-Floor Heating System (no tools needed).

1. Prepare the new control board by unwrapping and setting on the floor.Control Board for HUG Hydronics In floor heating system

2. Turn off the System at the power controlturn off the power supply

3. Disconnect all the pumps, the thermostat connector, water level sensor, and the power from the control board.

disconnect all pumps, power supplies, water level sensorsdisconnect the thermostat connectordisconnect all pumps

4. Unscrew the thumb screws on the back side of the control board.

unscrew the thumb screws on the back side of the control board

5. Lift the control board off the tank.

lift the hydronic control board right off the tank

6. Slide the new control board onto the tank.

7. Put the thumb screws back in.

8. Reconnect all the pumps, power supply, and thermostat wire connectors.reconnecting the power supply

9. Choose speed and thermostat zone numbers for each pump with the jumpers. (might want to use your old control board as a quide to keep the same settings).

choose your zone and speed options with the jumpers

10. Turn power back on.