How To - Purging

Hugh the Tech Duck

How to Purge the Air From Your PEX Pipes? 


Power Up

Ther thermostat connector and power supply switch have arrows pointing to them

1. Open the Control Board cover and verify the thermostat connector is unplugged from the control board.

2. Plug in the tank power supply into a nearby, 120 volt (a normal) outlet. 

3. Turn on the power supply switch.

Purge air out of the heater and pipes.

  • Place a spare jumper on the “Purge” pins for pump 10 on the control board.
  • place a jumper on the purge pins to purge the pex loop of air. You will know it is donw when the air bubbles stop gurgling out of the loop return
  • The pump light should become bright orange.
  • Let the pump run until gurgling sounds in the water tank cease.
  • Repeat the purging for each pump that is in use. Only purge one pump at a time.
  • The water level in the tank will drop during this process, so add more water/glycol to the tank as needed.