How To - flooring options for in-floor heating

Hugh the Tech Ducky

How to- do in-floor heating with the flooring I have/want?

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What flooring can I use? 

Hydronic Radiant In-Floor Heating can be used with almost any flooring type.

For new construction

it is most common to use slab on grade, putting PEX pipes on top of the insulation, but under the concrete. Doing this allows the cement to serve as a heat sink, creating heat storage for nice even application, and cozy toes and noses.

Here PEX pipes are being laid out on HEATsheet insulation, before cement is laid.

pex pipe being laid out on top of the insulation, in this case heatsheet insulation, and then cement will be poured on top

Here we have an example with pink foam board insulation and you can see the cement beginning to be laid

Pex pipes stapled to foam board

2nd stories and Wood floors or Retrofits

There are many options for laying PEX pipes with an already existing floor to create in-floor radiant heating in your home or shop.

Gypcrete: Laying PEX down over an existing floor (insulate under it if you want heat to go up and not down), then covering with a layer of gypcrete and using a final layer of anything your heart desires.

gyprete is being laid out over the pex pipes on top of the subfloor

In-floor board aluminum heat spreads over the subfloor.

Panel systems laid above the subfloor

On-Panel or EcoWarm Panels over the subfloor

Aluminum heat spreaders under the sub floor.

Aluminum heat spreaders used from under the floor