• For the DIY'er

    * Installs in about an hour

    * Requires only basic tools

    * Full installation support, including videos

    * Simple start up & maintenance

    * If you can install a dishwasher, you can install a HUG In-Floor Heating System

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  • Contractor

    * Installs in under an hour

    * Increase your profitability

    * Decreases call backs

    * Expandable; easy to add pumps, zones and heat sources

    * Complete Robust Solution

    * 12 year limited warranty

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Introduction Video

A Revolutionary New Way of doing In-Floor Heating

Instead of a wall full plumbing, valves, expansion tanks and manifolds, the HUG Hydronics, in-floor heating unit is the size of a suitcase and can be installed by you in about 1 hour.

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  • The HUG Hydronics in floor heating unit is about the size of the suitcarse, or about a 10 to 20 gallon fishtank size

    Suitcase Sized

    * Tank Dimensions: Width: 33" (84 cm), Height: 22" (56 cm), Depth: 17" (43 cm)

    * Compact and clean.

    * No walls of plumbing fixtures or multiple parts to buy.

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  • on demand electric water heaters sit right above our system taking up almost no extra space

    On-Demand Heater Ready

    The HUG Hydronics In-floor Heating Unit is ready to pair with on-demand gas or electric water heaters. Rebates available on some heaters.

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  • a HUG Hydronics in-floor heating system is installed easily by contractors or home owners. These two are giving it a thumbs up. Easy to install, easy to maintain, Easy as HUG Hydronics in floor heating radiant

    Saves Time & Money

    Easy to install and repair with everyday tools. Takes about 1 hour to install, instead of 8+ hours required of traditional hydronics plumbing.

    Contractors & DIYers love it! 
  • Up to 4 Heating Zones- Now up to 8!

    and 5,400 square feet per unit. One zone can be set to "low priority."

    What's "low priority" zone? 
  • Hug hydronics in floor heating has easy installation and maintenance

    You can do it yourself!

    Installation takes a few common tools. Repairs, and changes can all be done with no tools, by you in just a few minutes with our replacement/ add-on parts and some Just Ducky directions.

  • HUG hydronics in floor heating system can connect up to 3 heat sources, electric, gas, wood or solar

    Connects up to 3 heat sources at once

    You can choose 1,2, or 3 heat sources for your flooring warm water. You can use solar, electric, propane, natural gas, wood or any other hot water source you can imagine!

  • HUG Hydronics in floor heating is ideal for dual fuel applications

    Easy Dual Fuel and Off Peak Heating Options

    For instant off-peak or dual fuel chose a system with both an electric and gas heater.

    Learn how to do Dual Fuel and Off Peak 
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No Pressure! Do it yourself In-floor Heating

Skip the manifolds, skip the wall of complicated plumbing parts, with our low pressure in floor heating system, you can install it on an hour,