Creative Uses for the HUG Hydronics in-floor Heating System

 Snow Melt/Ice Melt

 Snow melt is easy with HUG hydronics and pave drain

This is our campus trial of Pave Drain and HUG Hydronics in-floor heating. 

Pave Drain has 2 distinct advantages to snow melt 1) cute paving stones for a classic look 2) permeability- Pave Drain can hold 6" of water from snow or ice melt

HUG Hydronics also works with cement / pavement for snow melt.

But how much does it cost to melt snow?

to remove a 3 " snow from your 1000 sq ft driveway, it costs $15 for a teenager to do it, but only $10 for using a natural gas snow melt

Using some standard numbers for Minneapolis (Minni-Snow-da), 

To clear a 1,000 sq ft driveway, we calculated the average 3" snow fall, would cost $12.43 if using gas heat, $33.83 if using electric heat. I don't know about you, but my children charge me $15 a pop to clear my driveway, and the plow truck want $20). For snowmelt, we just turn the system on when it starts snowing, and it stays clear.

Here is a link to spread sheet with all the details. Feel free to make a copy and add your personal numbers to get a more accurate cost for your project.

SNOW MELT spreadsheet