About HUGH the Ducky

HUGH the Ducky Tech Support - Hugh is a professional rubber duck,  just look at that headset
 - Friendly tech support
 - Hugh will help your install go just ducky
 - You'll fly through the instructions
 - He'll help your system keep working swimmingly for many years.

You just can't leave a tank of warm water around without a rubber duck finding it, is seems.
Hugh's back story
Hugh the Ducky takes the "What the quack!?" out of the hydronic in-floor heating techno-babble and replaces it with simply easy to understand pictures and directions.

HUGH's back story:

Hugh the Ducky started hanging around the warm waters of the HUG Hydronics tank (in the mad scientist's/designer's home) when it got cold outside. He listened to all the conversations and trainings and then started quacking out questions which the mad scientist/designer patiently answered for HUGH. So he learned and started sharing his knowledge with you.
HUGH loves communicating by nice graphics and clear explanations. He is in charge of making sure all of HUG Hydronics In-Floor Heating Systems Sales Techs are trained to not duck around, but give you the clear and easy answers to all your quackstions.

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