About Us

 HUG Hydronics Mission and Vision

Our Core values are to simplify, take care of the earth, do good and have fun

HUG Hydronics radically simplifies in-floor heating; from simplifying plumbing to being able to use multiple heat sources for dual fuel applications, including renewable such as solar, wood, and heat pumps.

Our Mission is to help people live more resiliently by providing innovative warm floor solutions. 

Our Vision is to be the premier solution provider for warm floors in a simple, resilient, and affordable way.


HUG Hydronics in-floor heating systems is a product of Hunt Utilities Group LLC (HUG).  For 20 years HUG has researched products and technologies to help people build and live more sustainably.  On our Resilient Living Research Campus in Pine River, MN we've done pioneering work on high performance buildings.  In the process, we started to rethink how Hydronics in-floor radiant heating could be done, resulting in the radical new concept we are making available to you.  

Our Idea: The world is getting so complicated. what if we made something simpler?

 The People of HUG Hydronics