Warranty on the HUG Hydronics In-floor Heating Units and Accessories

Limited Warranty for 3 years on all HUG Hydronics In-Floor Heating parts and HUG branded accessories. The HUG Hydronics branded items are repaired or replaced at no cost for the first 3 years. After the first 3 years all HUG Hydronics branded items are covered at a pro-rated rate to 12 years. Details on how this is calculated is below*

All non-HUG branded accessories have 90 day store warranty (right to return/exchange) in addition to their manufacturer's warranty.

Water Heaters come with their own manufacturer warranty and you will have to register that warranty with them.

To make a warranty claim please contact Support:support@hugllc.com, or call 218-875-5001

*The prorating math works like this:

If the product was sold less than 36 months ago, the part will be replaced at no charge. After 36 months, take the number of months since the product was sold divided by 144 months. Multiply the result by the then prevailing retail price for that item. That will be the price for the warranty replacement of that part. Plus shipping costs.

So if your pump broke 48 months after it was sold, and a new pump at time of claim is $200 then: 48/144*200 =66.66 So you would pay $66.66 for a brand new replacement pump plus S&H

Natural Disasters,  Acts of God, and other forms of abuse and misuse  including dissembling your HUG Hydronics System & accessories are not covered by this warranty. But we will be happy to help you get your system functioning again.

For easier claiming; Please register your warranty.

If you bought your HUG Hydronics in floor heating system from us, your warranty is automatically registered. Please register your water heater warranty with their manufacturer. 

If you bought your HUG Hydronics in-floor heating system from one of our awesome affiliates or retailers please register at this link: Warranty Registration

or by sending in the registration card.


Restocking Fees

HUG Hydronics reserves the right to charge a 10% restocking fee for returned and unopened product.  Opened or Used products can be subject to 20% restocking fee. Anything returned after 90 days can be subject to 20% restocking fee.