How To - Power Supply

Hugh the Tech Ducky

How to Change Out your Power Supply?


Video Coming Soon!



Written instruction for how to replace the power supply on a HUG Hydronics In-Floor Heating System. 

(no tools needed)

1. Turn off power supply.

turn off power supply

2. Disconnect it from the control board by pulling the 4 pin connector down and off.

disconnect it from the control board

3. Pull these wires through the holes to the back of the system.

pull the power supply wires through the hole in which it is routed.

4. Push the power supply of of it's holder. Wiggle the tank to get a little more space if necessary. 

push the power supply out of its holder

5. Unplug it and set it aside.

6. Push the new power supply into the holder.

push the new power supply into the holder

7. Route the new wires through the holes to the control board and plug it in.

plug it into the control board

8. Plug it in to the outlet.

plug the power supply into the outlet

9. Turn on. Good as new!

(Now if you are like me and when the power supply turns on, the alarm sounds... I unplugged the water sensor when I was pulling the cord out, so just plugged it back in. Alarm board was instantly happy!)