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Most of these videos are under 30 sec each, so you can quickly see what you need to know and keep moving forward.

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Planning you HUG Hydronics in-floor heating system

Determine your heat load needs- wizard (links to another site)

 What flooring can I use? Or how to retrofit my exsisting home?

What Heat Source is Right For My Home When Using a HUG Hydronics System?
A Walkthrough of The HUG Hydronics Alarm Board

Should I Use a Regular Thermostat or a Smart Thermostat for my HUG Hydronics System?
 Layout out PEX pipes
Insulation design with your in-floor heating system

 How to do Pressure Testing

Installation and Set Up

Complete Installation Video

Installing a Combi-Boiler Adaptor

How to add a heater pump

How to install a Navien  Heater Kit

How to install a Rinnai Heater Kit

Where to Place Your HUG Hydronics Unit
What Tools Do I Need to Install My HUG Hydronics System?
Why Do I Need to Use Clamps on My HUG Hydronics System?
How to Connect Your HUG Hydronics Pumps to your PEX Tubing
How to Attach a Water Heater Source to Your HUG Hydronics System
What's a Jumper and How Do I Use it in my HUG Hydronics System?
How to Connect Your Thermostat to your HUG Hydronics Control Board
How to Assign Zones on the Control Board
How to Prioritize Heat Zones on your HUG Hydronics System
What do the Indicator Lights Mean on Your HUG Hydronics Control Board?
When to Include Glycol Antifreeze in Your HUG Hydronics System
How to Purge the Air From Your PEX Hoses (This one may take longer than 30 seconds)
What's the Overflow Port on the Back of My HUG Hydronics System?

Using a RIb Relay



Maintenance and Repair of your HUG Hydronics in-floor heating system

 Adding a Wye Splitter

How to Swap Out a Fuse on your HUG Hydronics System
Changing out a power supply
Changing out a control board
Changing out a water sensor
Yearly Recommended Maintenance (w/o antifreeze)
If you used bad water...
2x/Yearly Maintenance with antifreeze
Changing out a pump
Adding a new pump

 Trouble Shooting your Water Heater

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