How To - Assign Zones

Hugh the Tech Duck

How to Assign Zones on the Control Board?


Assign the thermostat zones for each pump by moving the jumper to the correct zone #.

Each pump has its own section of the control board, labeled 1-10. Pump 10 is always to the heat source. The other pumps may be assigned to specific zones by moving the jumper to the pins labeled with that zone #. 

 closeup on the control board, a selection for 3 pumps, the jumpers are used near the bottom, The higher row selects the thermostat the pump is assigned to. The lower row selects the speed for the pump.

All pumps are initially assigned to zone 1, except pump 10. It is pre-assigned to all 4 zones. (You can skip this step if you only have 1 thermostat)

A close up on the zone connector pins