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HUG's Holey Hose Holder (pex tubing guide)

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HUG's Holey Hose Holder

We found that when installing multiple lines to our HUG Hydronics in-floor heating Tank, that the pex pipes were bound to be uncooperative. We knew we could fix that. In comes HUG's Triple H, the Holey Hose Holder. The more pex tubes you have, the more useful this will be for keeping them all straight, organized, and safe. The HUG Holey Hose Holder is edsigned to be installed when laying pex tubing before concrete is poured.

Key Features:

  • Lines up with Tank Hydronics System

  • Feed and Return Labels

  • Pre-numbered in Easy to Read Font

  • Numerous Mounting Options

  • Comes With 20 Rotatable Tubing Guides

  • Clean Edge for Concrete Finishing

  • Protects the tubing from kinking or damage as it comes out of the concrete
  • integrates perfectly with the HUG Hydronics in-floor heating system or for organizing another in-floor heating system.

Mechanical Dimensions

For more info on pex tubing routing to match the HUG Hydronics system. Eay to install check this out PDF Installation Instructions

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