What's a "Low Priority" Zone?

Hugh the Ducky says:

Hugh the TEch duckyWhen you are setting up thermostats and heating zones a "low priority" zone setting is useful for heating zones that are not as important to heat up. That is because when a regular zone is calling for heat at the same time as a "low priority" zone, then the regular zone will heat up before the "low priority" zone gets heat.
This is useful when you are heating areas you do not hang around in much, like a garage or workshop, so if they are not as warm as fast, that is not a big deal.
In the HUG Hydronics system you can make this setting selection by moving a jumper to pins on the control board marked "low priority" over heating zone 4. You can also change this setting just by removing the jumper from the pins.the low priority zone is easily selected by putting a jumper on the pins labeled low priority

What's a Jumper?

A jumper is a little black piece that connects two pins; connecting the circuit like an “on” s10 jumpers come in the accessory bagwitch.  Jumpers are used on each piece of the control board to allow you to easily choose options by which pins you put the jumpers on. 

The control board comes with jumpers already in their most standard configurations, and there are extras in the accessory bag.Jumpers are used to select setting on the control board of the HUG Hydronics in-floor heating system