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HUG Hydronics

Larger Pump [Upgrade Installed] Kit for better boiler efficiency

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This item is the cost difference to upgrade from a normal Heat Source Pump Kit in the standard tank to a Big Pump Kit

This upgrade kit is for higher flow, and better efficiency when you really need it. You will get more performance and BTU's out of your larger boilers from Lochinvar and State, COMBI or Non-COMBI, this kit will fit your needs. 

Recommended for these models: 

SCB-110S-P, SCB-110S-N, SCB-150S-P, SCB-150S-N, SCB-199S-P, SCB-199S-N

NKB110-N, NKB110-L, NKC110-N, NKC110-L, NKB150-N, NKB150-L, NKC150-N, NKC150-L
NKB199-N, NKB199-L, NKC199-N, NKC199-L


  • Steps to Personalize your System:

    1) Add a tank to cart

    2) Select number and styles of pumps you want

    3) Add your water heater/boiler choice

    4) Shop Accessories for PEX pipes. PEX staples, Heat Sheet Insulation and Thermostats!

    or Ask for a Quote 
  • Supports 4 Thermostat Zones with Priority Zone Settings

    Now up yo 8 heating zones!

    Any heating loop can be assigned to any thermostats by simply moving a jumper.

    What's a "Low Priority" zone? 
  • HUG hydronics in floor heating system can connect up to 3 heat sources, electric, gas, wood or solar

    Easily works with up to 3 heat sources

    such as electric, gas, solar, wood. Great for off-peak electric and dual fuel applications.

  • Easy installation and maintenance are hallmarks of the HUG hydronics in-floor heating system

    Simple & Understandable

    Easy installation and maintenance. Installs with basic tools. Replace any part with basic or no tools. and it's easy to add water for start-up.

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