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Pump Kits

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Every HUG Hydronics Tank need pump kits.

Each HUG Tank can hold up to 9 additional pumps (one heat source pump is included in the tank).

Each loop pump kit connects to 300 ft (or 1 loop) of PEX tubing in your floor.

Add a 2 loop pump kit. It has a splitter on each end to handle 2 loops at a time.  For 600 ft (or 2 loops of PEX tubing), (Best for the same level as the HUG Hydronics unit will be on).

The heat source pump kit has longer hoses to connect to another heat source for your radiant in-floor heating system. Each HUG Hydronics In-Floor Heating system can handle up to 3 heat sources.

Hugh the Ducky's Adding a Loop Pump Instructions for the HUG Hydronics in-floor heating system

Hugh the Ducky's Using Multiple Heat Sources Instructions for the HUG Hydronics in-floor heating system

Step 3) Select heaters

Step 4) Add accessories

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