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HUG Hydronics

HUG Hydronics Training 101: Friday, January 12

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Live Webinar

Participants will be sent a link to attend this virtual webinar the day before the event. 

The event will begin at 11:30am on Friday, January 12. Please sign in 5 minutes early to ensure a prompt start time.

The purpose is to provide an overview of in-floor heat & the HUG Hydronics in-floor radiant heating system. Including the planning, heater selection, start-up, prioritizing zones/configurations, thermostats, and maintenance.

Training features Ryan Hunt from Hunt Utilities Group to cover the revolutionary new Hug Hydronics system.

Training will Cover:
An Overview of Hydronic In-Floor Heat & the HUG Hydronics Delivery System
Planning and Installation
The Right Heater for the Job 
Pros/Cons of Gas vs Electric Heaters
Prioritizing Zones
Thermostat Design

  • Steps to Personalize your System:

    1) Add a tank to cart

    2) Select number and styles of pumps you want

    3) Add your water heater/boiler choice

    4) Shop Accessories for PEX pipes. PEX staples, Heat Sheet Insulation and Thermostats!

    or Ask for a Quote 
  • Supports 4 Thermostat Zones with Priority Zone Settings

    Now up yo 8 heating zones!

    Any heating loop can be assigned to any thermostats by simply moving a jumper.

    What's a "Low Priority" zone? 
  • HUG hydronics in floor heating system can connect up to 3 heat sources, electric, gas, wood or solar

    Easily works with up to 3 heat sources

    such as electric, gas, solar, wood. Great for off-peak electric and dual fuel applications.

  • Easy installation and maintenance are hallmarks of the HUG hydronics in-floor heating system

    Simple & Understandable

    Easy installation and maintenance. Installs with basic tools. Replace any part with basic or no tools. and it's easy to add water for start-up.

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