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HUG Hydronics In-floor Heat System - "3 Pump Unit" 600 sq ft. (no splitters) to 1200 sq ft. (w/ Optional Splitters)

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"The HUG system is so simple and compact, it only takes up a small space in the utility room now. Plus HUG is less expensivelooks nice and works well." -David Winkleman, building contractor.

Takes care of all your Hydronics plumbing needs in 1 tank. This is for the HUG Hydronics in-floor heating minimal 3 pump unit.  

More Pumps may be added at any time to increase the capacity of the system. Each pump covers 300 -600 ft. sq. 

Key Features

  • Simple and understandable
    • Easy to add water for start-up
  • Easily works with up to 3 heat sources; such as electric, gas, solar, wood.
    • Great for off-peak electric applications
    • High quality silicone hoses for zone pipes and pumps.
    • No valves, zero pipe joints, or other parts in typical installations, virtually no water pressure, nearly eliminates risks of leaks
    • Diagnostic LED lights help you understand what is working and what is not.
    • The system protects itself using low pressure and moderate tank temperatures.
    • Select a heater for your radiant heating system.  We stock various electric and gas on-demand boilers for different applications.

      Make the installation of your PEX tubes radically easier with the addition of the HUG Holey Hose Holder. 

    When you order, your tank gets in the queue to be personalized for your in-floor heating project. Please allow 3-5 business days. Expidiated service is available if needed.

    • Steps to Personalize your System:

      1) Add a tank to cart

      2) Select number and styles of pumps you want

      3) Add your water heater/boiler choice

      4) Shop Accessories for PEX pipes. PEX staples, Heat Sheet Insulation and Thermostats!

      or Ask for a Quote 
    • Supports 4 Thermostat Zones with Priority Zone Settings

      Now up yo 8 heating zones!

      Any heating loop can be assigned to any thermostats by simply moving a jumper.

      What's a "Low Priority" zone? 
    • HUG hydronics in floor heating system can connect up to 3 heat sources, electric, gas, wood or solar

      Easily works with up to 3 heat sources

      such as electric, gas, solar, wood. Great for off-peak electric and dual fuel applications.

    • Easy installation and maintenance are hallmarks of the HUG hydronics in-floor heating system

      Simple & Understandable

      Easy installation and maintenance. Installs with basic tools. Replace any part with basic or no tools. and it's easy to add water for start-up.

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