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HUG Hydronics

3 Port Poly Manifold Kit

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Instead of running long loop lines to far locations from the HUG Hydronics system, you can run 1- 3/4" pex line to feed these manifolds. The 3 loops from the manifold all have to be similar lengths, also please talk to our sales team about the design.
To connect the 3/4" PEX pipes, you will also need a 3/4" by 3/4" PEX coupler (also available here). You will also need a crimp tool. We have these available too).  The HUG Hydronics pumps can adequately feed 3 loops on MED speed. 
This accessory should be used only with consultation with our sales department.

Kit Contains:
2 - 3/4 X 1/2" PEX Manifold
6 - 1/2" Cinch crimps 
4 - 3/4" Cinch crimps
2 - 3/4" PEX coupling
1 - Instruction Sheet
You will need a PEX crimping tool to use this kit.

Fitting Type: PEX Crimp Fittings
Material: PPSU
Maximum Working Temperature: 140 degrees Fahrenheit
Maximum Working Pressure: 150 PSI
Listing Agency Standards: ASTM F877, ASTM F2159
Minimum Working Temperature: 33 degrees Fahrenheit
Actual Length: 5.25 inch   Actual Width:  1.375
Weight: 1.00 lbs
Shipping Dimensions
1.00 H x 8.00 W x 5.00 D
Shipping Weight
2.0 lbs

  • Steps to Personalize your System:

    1) Add a tank to cart

    2) Select number and styles of pumps you want

    3) Add your water heater/boiler choice

    4) Shop Accessories for PEX pipes. PEX staples, Heat Sheet Insulation and Thermostats!

    or Ask for a Quote 
  • Supports 4 Thermostat Zones with Priority Zone Settings

    Now up yo 8 heating zones!

    Any heating loop can be assigned to any thermostats by simply moving a jumper.

    What's a "Low Priority" zone? 
  • HUG hydronics in floor heating system can connect up to 3 heat sources, electric, gas, wood or solar

    Easily works with up to 3 heat sources

    such as electric, gas, solar, wood. Great for off-peak electric and dual fuel applications.

  • Easy installation and maintenance are hallmarks of the HUG hydronics in-floor heating system

    Simple & Understandable

    Easy installation and maintenance. Installs with basic tools. Replace any part with basic or no tools. and it's easy to add water for start-up.

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