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How do you use our Alarm Board?

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Alarm Board

If anything goes wrong in our HUG Hydronics in-floor heating unit, the control board will turn a light red. If the red light is not noticeable enough in your situation you may want an alarm board. Our alarm board will emit a buzz and can connect into a smart thermostat (which if programed can even text your phone) that something is amiss with you HUG unit.  The alarm board can also be wired to any other external alarm system. 


Adjust the Volume

The volume of the alarm is changeable by moving the jumper on the left side of the board.

Alarm board's volume can be change by  moving the jumper on the left side of the board


1. Remove the (2) screws in the alarm board area of the control board and insert the (2) 15mm stand-offs provided.

2. Mount the alarm on the stand-offs re-using the 2 screws.

alarm board how to attach

3. Adjust volume of the buzzer using the J3 jumper. Jumping Pins 1 to 2 provides the loudest setting, Pins 2 to 3 the softest setting and Pins 3 to 4 are for off.

4. For remote alarming (to a smart thermostat, for example):alarm board wiring

Connect a common wire from the thermostat to the top pin connector on the alarm board (seen here in blue).

Connect a red (power wire) from the middle pin on the alarm board connector to a power terminal on the thermostat wire connector.

These connect with the pin connect that pulls out of the alarm board, just like the thermostat wires connected into the 12 pin connector. One thing to note is this 3-pin connector goes in upside down, so make sure you know which terminal will be on top to put the wire into.