People Of HUG Hydronics

We are nothing without our People! We like them so much, we'd thought we'd let you know how awesome they are too!

Ryan Hunt President of HUG

Ryan Hunt- President

Raised in Business and Creative Engineering, holds a double degree from the University of Minnesota, and owns, started Pine River Innovations and DSL Bonding Buddy tool. 10 years ago he retrofitted his house to become extra efficient and installed some in-floor heating in his basement with a gypcrete overlay.

Simon- Manufacturing Management

Simon- Production Manager

Double Degreed and nearing a master's degree in Math Education. Would build circuits all day with Paul, just for fun. Knows how to tap dance. What he thinks about In-floor heating: "I wish I had it."


Mike B- Practical Engineer

Mike B- Purchasing

Considers him and his son, Jake, the Father/Son Curmudgeon Team. Has a horse named "Rooster" and built himself a HUG Home with the HUG Hydronics in-floor heating system.


Jake B- Practical engineer

Jake B- Practical Engineering

The other half of the Father/Son Curmudgeon Team, has zero social media presence and looks like Vladimir Lenin (especially from the side view with the beard). Jake also is incredibly gifted in creativity and mechanics.


Tony - Sales Manager

Is a cool dude. He ride his motorcycle to work, and enjoys golf. He bartends every Thursday night for charity. He really wants to bring home a puppy, but his wife would kill him.



 Laura - Inside Sales

loves outdoor activities, all year around. 





Colin with headset

Colin- Marketing Communications Director

Manages our marketing communications and coordination. Actually talks to live people on phone, chat and in person. Loves to run, read comics, and watch baseball, in no particular order. His favorite Comic Book Character: Superman, easily!



Raya online marketing manager

Raya- Online Marketing Manager

Holds a Master's degree in English, going for her MBA, been working web stores since 2002. Mother of 9, who loves her HUG Home, complete with in-floor heating and foot thick walls. She is getting really good at moving her Chromebook from one side of her lap to the other as the baby crawls across her chair. 


Randy-  Just Ducky Sales Tech

Randy- Sales Tech

 A problem solver, has a history in construction, auto maintenance, and builds unique customer recumbent tricycles. Does general maintenance at Trout Lake Camp and enjoys biking, hiking and troubleshooting. In line to receive our first Just Ducky Sales Tech Certification.


M0- Sales Assistant

Moe- Sales 

Our newest recruit. Currently feels like the blond girl on the "Big Bang Theory." Is a beef farmer, has 14 pairs of cattle and is down to a "reasonable" 6-7 horses. We love her because she makes sure we get things done.


Jeff- Test Designer

Jeff- Test Designer

Has 2 kids and 5 grandkids, commutes from Becker, twice a week, telecommutes the other days. Has a master's in Divinity from Bethel college and served 7 years as a Pastor of the White Fish Community Church, even while working in electrical engineering.

Ben- manufactoring lead

Ben- Manufacturing Lead 

Soft spoken ang big hearted, Ben loves to learn new things. He says he felt drawn to our resiliency campus. He also is a classic nerd enjoying DND, videogames and sci-fi novels.