Wholesale Page


What you get as a signed retailer:

1. Established geographical location. No one else can sell in your territory.

2. Training on understanding, designing, building up, and installing a new HUG Hydronics in-floor heating system.

3.  A promise we will not undercut prices.

4. Wholesale prices!! (about 50% of retail prices)

5. Your store's name & address listed on the Shop in Person section of our website (and a link to any relevant online page you'd like)

6. All Marketing and Educational Material available for your use.

7. Tech support for you and your customers.

8. Our 3 year factory Warranty and our 12 year pro-rated warranty comes with all of our HUG branded products.

We retain the right the sell to customers from any location that come to us.

The product must retail under the HUG Hydronics brand name. 

You must purchase 12 systems per year to stay qualified as a wholesaler. 

Retailers should be able to help their customers configure and build a system (we offer trainings). As such, we sell our systems un-configured so the retails have the most flexibility in what they stock and how they sell and order.

Our base unit is the HUG Hydronics Tank with a heater pump. To that you add what ever number of loop pumps and other heater pumps needed. We also offer extra pieces (replacement pieces) for sale through wholesale. 

To be emailed our wholesale order form request here. You can get a live spreadsheet through google docs, or you can request a printable version. (spoiler, you need a purchase agreement to see wholesale prices).