WE made the News!! Now in L&W Supply in Madison, WI.

WE made the News!! Now in L&W Supply in Madison, WI.

Link to Article: https://www.pineandlakes.com/business/hug-hydronics-products-for-sale-at-l-w-supply

Thank you Pine and Lakes Echo Journal for running the article.

HUG Hydronics products for sale at L&W Supply

HUG is in Pine River; L&W is a prominent buildings material supplier near Madison, Wisconsin.

PINE RIVER — HUG Hydronics, a leading innovator in hydronic heating solutions, announces that its products will be available for purchase at L&W Supply in Madison, Wisconsin, marking the Pine River company's first foray into retail distribution.

This milestone signifies a major step forward for HUG Hydronics as it expands its reach and makes its high-quality and customizable heating solutions more accessible to customers.

L&W Supply is a prominent supplier of building materials for contractors and homeowners. By partnering with L&W Supply, HUG Hydronics aims to meet the growing demand for advanced hydronic heating systems in the Madison area and beyond.

“It makes perfect sense to partner with L&W Supply as we expand our offering to the building community. We look forward to working with them to offer our unique in-floor heat distribution system to their building contractor community," HUG Hydronics Sales Manager Tony Giammona said in a news release.

"With our desire to work closely with builders, L&W is a logical partner to not only break into the retail market but do so with a trusted construction partner,” Giammona said.

HUG Hydronics is an in-floor heating distribution system that bypasses the complexity of traditional in-floor heating systems. It can be installed in about an hour and hooks up to almost any heat source.

When asked what made him open up his store to HUG Hydronics, L&W Madison Branch Manager Andy Poeschel said in the news release: “It’s great to partner with someone who is excited and believes in their products … which led me to want to grow or add to our business outside of (our) typical model."

“I’m excited about this opportunity as it goes along with some new AMC products we are offering,” he said.

AMC Foam is the creator of the innovative Heat-Sheet insulation system, which makes laying PEX tubing easy and protects the PEX during the concrete pour.

HUG Hydronics is dedicated to revolutionizing the hydronic heating market with its cutting-edge technology and commitment to ease of use. The company's product line, which includes a range of flexible heating distribution systems designed for both residential and commercial applications, is known for its efficiency, reliability and ease of installation.

For more information about HUG Hydronics and its offerings, visit www.HugHydronics.com . For more information about Heat-Sheet insulation panels, visit www.heat-sheet.com .

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