Putting In-Floor Heating with in your grasp!

Most people think that since in-floor heating provides luxury level warmth to your house that it is expensive and hard to do. And that they'd do it if they ever win the lottery.

but . . . 

HUG Hydronics has put in-floor heating in your reach. If you are building a new home, it is not only easy to install, but more affordable than a forced air furnace and more economical to run, using less energy for the same level of warmth.

the advantages of in-floor heating, and why HUG is an affordable option

and our tanks are made of recycled plastic. Every purchase also supports the Green Living research that goes on on the HUG campus!

HUG Hydronics shines best (saves you the most money) when the houses/ building is between 900 and 3500 square feet, and 1 to 2 stories. Over 3500 square feet and we'd recommend 2 systems or another product.

small homes

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