Common Problems for Traditional In-Floor Heating Systems (and How HUG Hydronics Solves Them)

Common Problems for Traditional In-Floor Heating Systems (and How HUG Hydronics Solves Them)

In-floor heating has long been heralded for its comfort and energy efficiency, but traditional systems can come with their own set of challenges. From uneven heating and slow response times to complex installation processes, homeowners and builders often grapple with issues that can impact the overall effectiveness of these systems.

In this blog post, we'll explore the common problems that plague traditional in-floor heating and discuss how innovative solutions like HUG Hydronics are poised to address these longstanding issues.

  • Zone valves or circulator pumps problems: Zone valves and circulator pumps are used to push the hot water from the boiler into the whole piping. These small pumps can break for a number of reasons, and can affect the quality of your heating. Replacing these pumps will require a visit from a professional, adding to the cost of your system maintenance. 
    • How HUG Hydronics Solves This Problem: HUG Hydronics moves the flow of water through submersible pumps. These pumps are designed to be easily swapped should problems occur. How easy is it? You don't need any special tools and you can swap them out in about a minute. That’s simplicity. 
  • Air lock issues: Traditional hydronics systems rely on a pressurized environment and sometimes air bubbles can be formed in the pipes. These air bubbles can act as a blockage preventing the flow of hot water by creating an air lock. 
    • How HUG Hydronics Solves This Problem: Since HUG Hydronics uses submersible pumps in an open tank of a water/glycol mixture, you don’t have to deal with a pressurized environment. Any bubbles that form can simply float out into the atmosphere. It’s safer all around, easier to maintain, and allows for any quick changes, without dialing in an expensive professional. 
  • Installation Difficulties: Installing traditional in-floor heating systems is a complex and time-consuming process and requires professional knowledge and materials that can take days to make a large installation. These "wall of copper" installations 
    • How HUG Hydronics Solves This Problem: HUG Hydronics solves this problem by streamlining the process down to one hour. You can see how easy by viewing this quick video
  • Maintenance is too complex: Following the previous bullet, any changes to the system must be done with an expensive and time-consuming professional. Included in any routine maintenance are tasks such as check-ups on the expansion tank, pressure relief valves, circulator and zone valves, wiring, and lots more. 
    • How HUG Hydronics Solves This Problem: With HUG Hydronics, each system comes with a control board that offers indicator lights and an alarm board which are able to let any user know if any problems occur with the system. With an open system like HUG Hydronics, you can easily check the state of your water's pH and the quality of the pump connections with a quick glance. 

In recognizing the persistent challenges of uneven heating, slow response times, and complex installations in traditional in-floor heating systems, it becomes evident that innovation is needed.

As homeowners and builders seek to enhance comfort, energy efficiency, and ease of installation, HUG Hydronics emerges as a transformative solution poised to address these long-standing issues and usher in a new era of in-floor heating.

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