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HUG Hydronics

State Proline XE COMBI Boiler 199K BTU [ Natural Gas ]

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The Boiler:
The 199K BTU Combi boiler will 6.2 gallons per minute of hot water for your showers and your floors. 

The ProLine® XE Combi Boiler provides high efficiency space heating and domestic hot water (DHW) in a compact footprint that is easy to install and maintain. The efficiency of the Combi is rated at 95% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) making it available on many utility rebate programs. Lastly, the plain text Setup Wizard on the Smart Control LCD display will make installation a breeze.

The SCB-199H-N indoor residential Ultra-Low NOx Combi Boiler uses up to 199,000 BTU/hr of Natural Gas to deliver a continuous supply of hot water and space heating for a home in high altitude regions. This High Efficiency heating system has a 95% AFUE and is ENERGY STAR Certified.

If you decide Purchase our Hug Hydronics system later, you will need to purchase two things, A Combi Boiler Adapter and a RIB.