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Propylene Glycol AntiFreeze, 5 gallons

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CAUTION: Mixing glycol with chlorine (calcium hypochlorite) can be extremely dangerous. A violent reaction may occur. DO NOT MIX CHLORINE WITH YOUR GLYCOL.

CAUTION: Mixing glycol with bleach (sodium hypochlorite) can be extremely dangerous. Formation of chlorinated organic compounds, explosive compounds, and/or release of chlorine gas may occur. DO NOT MIX BLEACH WITH YOUR GLYCOL.




Pre-mixed 50/50 solution of Propylene Glycol and Water with burst protection up to -100°F and flow point up to -61°F. ( Unless your Boiler suggests otherwise. ) 

NO-FREEZ is specifically designed for hydronic, boiler and geothermal systems and is ideal for summer homes, marinas, RV's, solar units, sprinkler systems, and many other applications. It is non-toxic, contains no methanol, ethanol or ethylene glycol and is ready-to-use.

Propylene glycol is the only material safe for typical anti-freeze requirements. NO-FREEZ is a precision blend containing anti-corrosion inhibitors which takes the calculations, guesswork and possibility of errors out of protecting the system.

Use with refractometer or test strips.

Note: glycol containing systems require an expansion tank sized 20% larger then conventional water systems. The system should not contain an automatic makeup pump, since it can dilute the solution.



  • Non-toxic
  • Pure, high grade propylene glycol with anti-corrosion inhibitors and color indicators
  • Meets NSF HT1 (#147076)
  • Meets CFR 21 for appropriate use
  • Does not support bacterial growth
  • Non-foaming
  • Rated 250F for continuous or 350F for intermittent use
  • Lubricates pumps, valves and moving parts and will not harm rubber seals, diaphragms or washers
  • Not for systems containing galvanized pipes or aluminum.

Cryo-Tek 100: (Local Pickup Only) 

Hercules® Cryo-Tek™-100 Anti-Freeze is a ready to use 55% Virgin Propylene Glycol formula. It's designed for hydronic heating and cooling closed loop systems, in-floor heating that are at risk of freezing, most solar heating systems, snow melts, radiant heat and general plumbing systems.


  • Pre-mixed: Ready-to-use formula with 55% Virgin Propylene Glycol
  • Triple Protection Inhibitor stabilizes pH to prevent corrosion, chelates, hard water minerals and inhibits scale and sediment formation
  • Approved for use with copper, steel, iron, brass, PEX and elastomeric tubing
  • Not for use with galvanized, CPVC or aluminum
  • For heating systems requiring freeze protection, as well as corrosion prevention


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