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HUG Hydronics

Foamboard Stapler - Daily Rental Rate

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The foamboard stapler makes for quick & easy securing of the PEX pipes to the foamboard before the concrete is laid for your in-floor radiant heating system.

Foamboard Stapler - Uses Staples for 1-1/2" & 2" Foamboard.

This is a rental, so you do not have to buy and store or resell one. The average price for a stapler is about $300.

If you are local and can pick this up, and drop it off in a day, it will save you about $280.

If we need to ship it, it will automatically come with 3 days of planned used (an over $90 value) and a return label (use the same box to return ship). A charge will be placed on your credit card for the total value ($300). Once it is returned within 15 days of shipment the difference will be refunded.  The 3 day rental charge and shipping will be about $130, for a total savings of about $200.

Please note that if you return the Stapler within 15 days of shipment we will refund $220 for the 3 day rental. We retain the right to charge additional days of rental after the initial 15 days, at a rate of $30/day until the stapler is returned or the full purchase price is collected, which ever comes first.

Make sure to order the Staples you will need!

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