Preparing Your HUG Hydronics System for the Summer

Preparing Your HUG Hydronics System for the Summer

Your hydronic radiant heating system has served you well over the cold winter months, and as we approach the warm summer months, you'll find that you need your warm floors less and less. So, what should you do for maintenance? This is a good question for more traditional hydronic systems, as there are a few steps you'll need to do to make sure they stay working over the years. However, we’ve made HUG Hydronics so approachable, yearly maintenance is severely reduced.

Here, check out what a traditional system needs for annual maintenance:

  1. Turn off the power to your system - If you’re not going to be using the hydronic heating system during the summer months, turn it off completely to save energy and prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the system.
  2. Check for leaks - Before shutting down the system, check for any leaks in the pipes or connections. Leaks can cause water damage and lead to higher energy bills.
  3. Check the pumps - You will be able to simply feel if the pumps are working by touching them when you call for heat.
  4. Bleed the system - When air becomes trapped in the heating system, it can prevent hot water from circulating properly, which can lead to uneven heating or reduced heating efficiency. This can cause some parts of the floor to feel cold while others feel excessively hot.

This is just a cursory list. Be sure to contact a professional to help with your maintenance.

Now, this is what a HUG Hydronics system needs for annual maintenance:

  1. Lower the thermostat to 65F - There is no need to shut the system down, either for maintenance or for summer months. However, you can turn off your system. Just be sure to set a reminder for a target date you'd like your floors to be warm again to turn your system back on. 
  2. Check the pH of your water - 9-10 is the target pH. It is recommended that both the pH of both water and glycol antifreeze systems be checked annually. 

That’s it.

You'll be able to do these few steps between an inning of baseball.

You can see why HUG Hydronics is simpler, in both winter and summer. 

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