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HUG Hydronics In-floor Heat System - "6 Pump Unit" 1500 (no splitters) to 3000 sq. ft. (w/ Optional Splitters)

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"The HUG system is so simple and compact, it only takes up a small space in the utility room now. Plus HUG is less expensivelooks nice and works well." -David Winkleman, building contractor.

Takes care of all your Hydronics plumbing needs in 1 tank. This HUG Hydronics in-floor heating system is for the 6 pump unit.  

More Pumps may be added at any time to increase the capacity of the system. Each pump covers 300 ft. sq.

 Key Features

Simple and understandable

    • Easy to add water for start-up
    • Great for off-peak electric applications
  • Supports 4 Thermostat zones with a priority zone setting
    • Any heating loop can be assigned to any thermostat by simply moving a jumper.
    • Can be powered from a 12 volt battery for off-grid applications
  • High quality silicone hoses for zone pipes and pumps.
  • No valves, zero pipe joints, or other parts in typical installations, virtually no water pressure, nearly eliminates risks of leaks
  • Diagnostic LED lights help you understand what is working and what is not.
  • The system protects itself using low pressure and moderate tank temperatures.
  • Add a Pump Splitter Option Kit during initial install to double the in-floor heat loops per pump. 

    Select a heater for your radiant heating system.  We stock various electric and gas on-demand boilers for different applications.

    Make the installation of your PEX tubes radically easier with the addition of the HUG Holey Hose Holder. 

*Dealer, Contractor & Early Bird Pricing Available

  • the hug hydronics in-floor heating system can work with up to 4 thermostats, one of which can be set as a low priority zone

    Supports 4 Thermostat Zones with Priority Zone Settings

    Any heating loop can be assigned to any thermostats by simply moving a jumper.

    What's a "Low Priority" zone? 
  • Safe to work with because it is low pressure and low voltage.

    Can be powered from a 12 volt battery for off-grid applications.

  • Easily works with up to 3 heat sources

    such as electric, gas, solar, wood. Great for off-peak electric and dual fuel applications.

  • Easy installation and maintenance are hallmarks of the HUG hydronics in-floor heating system

    Simple & Understandable

    Easy installation and maintenance. Installs with basic tools. Replace any part with basic or no tools. and it's easy to add water for start-up.

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