About Us - Resilient Goods

What Are Resilient Goods?

Resilience is a mindset of hope and optimism. When you are prepared, you do not fear. You know you have (or have access to) the tools and knowledge to make it through whatever life throws in your direction. 

This means building your network of friends and family and being able to love your neighbors. It is being honest and charitable in all your doings so that you have nothing to hide or fear.

Resilient goods are tools, habits, lifestyle choices, and infrastructure that helps you live well during good and bad economic times. It makes you less vulnerable to the whims of nature, climate change, politics and marketeers. It builds stronger, healthier, and happier individuals, families, businesses, communities and ecology by making each of those less vulnerable and needy. 

Resilience is confidence. Our goal is to help everyone more forward, towards living resiliently...one step at a time.