For women

Dear Ladies, 

Unfortunately, in-floor heating is a male dominated profession, and then we made the mistake of hiring a salesman with some misogynistic tendencies, who is trying to sell the HUG Hydronics In-floor Heating System in a market that we are poised to nearly eliminate.  That market is full of older, white males who feel a full wall of well organized copper pipes, gauges, and expansion tanks are a week's income and their "Art" form. To replace their work with a job, that can easily be done by a mom with a toddler under foot while lasagna bakes gives them little excitement.

This has created a feed-back loop with in the sales team, leaving all the women who work near them feeling slighted, ignored, and sometimes down right mis-used. 

 While we work on our end in eliminating the misogynistic tendencies within our company. I can, at least, give you a work around so you can get listened to and taken seriously. Order online or call and ask to talk to Randy or Mo. 

Randy is the husband of Steph (who installed their system) and he just adores her and all she has done in building their house, feeling not threatened by her, but partnered with her. And he will listen carefully to your needs and get your order in right, the way you want it, and will not mansplain. 

Mo, is a cow farmer and mother of 3, organizing all of our fulfillment and shipping. She understands exactly how it feels to be ignored, slighted, or mansplained by our salesmen. She is also very bright and can find the best options to help you with your project.

I can not say its easy being a woman, but at least we've made in-floor heating easy.


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